Is it Acceptable or Ethical to Have more than One Realtor Working For You? Let me share this story with you and learn the insider truth..

I was recently in a conversation with a person that called me on one of my listings. I discovered in our time together on the phone that she calls the listing agents of the properties that interest her. Then the listing agents will work on trying to find her a property that she would like to purchase.
She shared with me her strategy she thought would work. The more Realtors she has looking for her the higher probability that she would secure a property. After listening to her strategy I explain the truth to her which is:

The truth is that it is NOT in your best interest to use more than one Realtor. If you are loyal and committed to one Realtor then that Realtor will be loyal and committed to you. If you are NOT loyal and committed they will NOT be loyal and committed to you.

The truth is to work with ONE Realtor that will work in your best interest and stick with that ONE Realtor.
If you are working with several Realtor’s NONE of them are going to work very hard for you nor share any insider knowledge of listings that are not on the internet or MLS that they know about. In fact, in most cases, those listings are reserved for that Realtor’s loyal clients.

The truth is that working with more than one Realtor causes conflicts between the fellow Realtors’.

The truth is that if you commit to one Realtor we will be out in the trenches looking for a great property for you.

I would recommend to interview a couple of Realtors’ and decide who is the best fit for you. The one you are most comfortable working with. The one that has the expertise you are looking for. Let the Realtor know that you want to work together. You can still search for properties online and if you find a home let YOUR Realtor know so that they can represent you and get compensated for all the time they have given to you and that they spent away from their families.

Bottom line…It is NOT acceptable or ethical to have more than one Realtor working for you.