One of the biggest challenges with purchasing an orchard is just getting information regards to the income producing orchard.  What is the big secret?  Why is it so hard just to get simple answers?  I wish someone would explain this to me. 

Twice this week this has happened. I have a buyer looking for an orchard. I find one that is on the market and share it with my buyer.  He really likes it ...It has everything he wants.  Great location, good producing, great water resource, excellent soils and so on.  We approached the listing agent and requested the Profit and loss statement.  My buyer wanted to see the cost of managing that orchard, and what the agricultural practices where. That way if he decided to make an offer we could make a fair and reasonable offer.  The listing agent denied our request.  I asked why and this person said they would share it once we had an accepted offer.  Well, that could really be a waste of everybody's time and energy.  How could we make an reasonable offer if we do know what the Profit and losses are and the agricultural practices. That is like making an offer on a house, negotiating the final price, receiving  the accepted offer and then looking at the house.  It could be a great buy or the worse buy of your life. That's what happens if you do not know the product in which you are purchasing.

Bottom line...  If you are going to sell your orchards please make available to the buyers the production records and agricultural management program so that the buyer can make a great and reasonable offer and you can get your orchard sold. Transparency and honesty is key!

If you have every experienced this please share it here. I would love to hear your story!