How to handle a property sale during a divorce

By Linda Pillard

Divorce may be one of the absolute worst things that can ever happen to anyone but the reality is that selling a home during a divorce doesn’t have to be miserable especially if you follow these simple tips.

Get Your Home Ready for Sale

The first step to selling a home during a divorce is to get the home ready for sale because once the home has been cleaned, de-cluttered and staged for sale there’s a greater chance of the home selling for what it’s worth than selling the home without any preparation and hoping for the best.

Choose an Experienced Realtor®

After getting the home ready for sale the next step to selling a home during a divorce is to choose an experienced Real Estate agent who knows your local housing market, has online marketing experience, and will help you to sell your home for what it’s worth.

Settle on An Asking Price

Once the home has been prepared for sale, and an agent has been chosen, the next step is for both husband and wife to agree on an asking price for the home.

Even though the Real Estate market may be hot right now, the sellers should price their home competitively because this will reduce days on market and it may help them to sell the house for more than what it’s worth.

Review Offers

After the home has been listed the next crucial thing is for both husband and wife to come together and review offers (preferably without attorney’s present) because putting anger aside and focusing on choosing the most competitive offer will help the home to be sold quickly and for the most money possible.  

Last of all, once an offer has been agreed on, the escrow company will be responsible for dividing the cash and making sure that any debt obligations are paid off before husband and wife are paid and they part ways.

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