Planning on Visiting in The Capay Valley? 

By Linda Pillard

Typically deer fawns are born sometime between late April and early July. What's important about that for you?

Does birth one, two, or sometimes three fawns, and there’s nothing more wonderful than seeing deer in the Capay Valley, but the sad thing is that these deer don’t often have to contend with hunters, deer in this part of Northern California often lose their lives due to the carelessness of drivers.

Please SLOW DOWN When You Visit the Capay Valley

Sadly, it’s not uncommon to see baby deer (fawns) wandering the roadsides of the Capay Valley during this time of year because their mothers were killed by careless drivers on Highway 16.

What’s even more heartbreaking than seeing an orphan deer is watching one of these babies try to nurse from their dead mothers and the reality is that the senseless death of another deer could have been avoided had a driver just taken the time to slow down while driving in this area.

If a mother deer is killed by a driver and that mother hasn’t had time to teach her baby how to survive, it’s most likely that the fawn will not survive. So the best thing that every driver can do is slow down, avoid distractions, and take the time to enjoy the journey through the Capay Valley and please respect their home, and be mindful of deer and wildlife. 

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