Should You Hire a Real Estate Agent Who Charges the Lowest Commission?


By Linda Pillared


If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home you most likely have encountered a real estate agent who has offered their services to you for the lowest commission possible.


The big question that you should have is if you should hire this agent because they charge a lower commission than another real estate agent?


Although the answer to this question may be simple for some people because they think that lowest commission means that they're saving money, the reality is that hiring a real estate agent because they charge the lowest commission possible isn't always the best idea, especially for these reasons:


Reason #1 - They May Not Work With A Team


Regardless If you're buying or selling a home, one of the harsh realities about hiring a real estate agent who charges the lowest commission possible is that they most likely are not working with a team. This means that they may not always be available to help you because they are helping their other clients and they don’t have the experience and the cliental and may be desperate for business.


Reason #2 - Their Marketing Will Not Be the Best


Another consequence of choosing an agent who charges the lowest commission is that their marketing may not always be the best quality possible.


Instead of receiving a crafted and personalized marketing plan, you may receive a template-based approach to marketing your home online and the results will be obvious when it comes to less interest and fewer offers for your home if any.


Reason #3 - An Agent Who Charges the Lowest Commission May Not Have Your Best Interest at Heart


Last of all, but most important, a real estate agent who charges the lowest commission possible may not always have your best interest at heart. The truth is if they are giving away their own money how can they protect yours.


Expert Negotiations is crucial for you to receive the highest profit possible.  You need someone that is skilled and has the experience under their belt and the proven track record of success. The truth is if you hire the right agent and you pay the standard commission chances are you will have a higher profit than the agent that “cut” their commission just to get the deal.


Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent


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