A Few Land Buying Mistakes


 Mistake #1:

Agents with little to no experience:  Buyers/Sellers hiring a agent that is NOT experienced, little to no track record in land sales, lack of education and  knowledge in land sales.

One of the biggest mistakes I hear from landowners is they wish they would have hired a Realtor that is an Educated Land Consultant. 

To many time landowner discover they have paid too much for the property, discover  problems with the property after the close of escrow and..sometimes years later. This is due to the lack of experience that a agent has.  For example, the investigations of the property, and lack of disclosure.  I cannot express the importance of hiring a Realtor that is an educated land consultant that holds the Credentials such as an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC), one that has a proven track record of experience in land sales, higher education & skills and knowledge of what it take to make sure that you understand the complexities of the land, discovering any problems, and make sure your vision for the property will become a reality.

Mistake #2

Big Name Real Estate Firms:  Another mistake that buyers/sellers make is thinking that hiring an agent from a Big Name Real Estate Firm can do the best job. The Truth is..it does NOT guarantee anything. You may even be choosing a brand new agent that has no little to no experience.

My advice to you is hire a Realtor that is a good fit for you, one that is educated, has a proven track record in land sales, and holds credentials as an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC).


Mistake #3:

Have Title Insurance:  ALWAYS buy title insurance for all land even if it is raw land. Most Title officers are very good at what they do, but sometimes things get overlooked and undetected in the Title search. Title insurance protects you against any potential “cloud” on the title of your property. For example a Buyer may purchase  100 acre parcel of land and had all the necessary title searches done at the time they purchased the land. Several years later, when they went to sell it the buyer’s attorney found evidence that a portion of the land located in the middle of his property did not belong to him. You can imagine what a mess this could be.  Title insurance policy can compensate the seller for the loss in value of the property had the claim been valid. Buy title insurance.  It's worth every penny you spend on it.

If you are thinking of purchasing or selling land, a farm and ranch or any country property please don't hesitate to call me. I will gladly speak with you in detail about the other biggest mistakes that a land buyers or sellers make so you can be sure you are making a sound decision.